Saturday, October 07, 2006

Backward Nation?

To celebrate their 40th year of independence, a certain African kingdom has wheeled out a brand new flag. That's the official version, anyway. My guess is that King Letsie (surely pronounced "let's see") the Third is sprucing up the country's image before attempting to unload it on the highest bidder (the country that is, not its image). Insiders have heard him mumbling:
  • "Oh, to sell Lesotho . . ."
Whatever the reason for the new flag, it features a traditional hat worn by the land's indigenous people. Old Letsie III often sacrifices western celebrities to this violent group in an effort to appease them. Lately he's had his eye on a certain star scheduled to perform there soon.
  • "Oh, to sabotage Vega to Basotho."
Why stop? If you travel there you will hear the native tongue, with it's excellent capacity for expressing irritation. Unfortunately, it's incredibly tough to learn—but you're sure to end up longing to speak it when confronted with the boulder filled roads, stone beds, and spleen sandwiches.
  • Oh, to snip in Sotho.