Thursday, May 25, 2006

Have you ever sat down to lunch and thought "How did these Italian sandwiches get here?" I mean, many of the things we eat—chickens, cows, oryx—come about from a little interaction between members of the opposite sex. And yet, I've never seen two sandwiches make love. Perhaps, like humans, they do their thing in private. But where, exactly, is private for a sandwich?
  • Do paninis sin in a pod?
How I wish that Toyota had named the Prius just a little differently, so the answer could be "Sure, paninis sin in a Perus."

If you are one of those who feel that panini is already a plural (of paninoL.A. rots a panino's son in a pastoral), just take out the ess—it'll still work.

Regardless of where they do it, afterwards they take one of these:
  • Panini Nap.


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