Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bear with me. Thars meanin' what can be dug from these words. Say you're hiking up a big mountain and you come across a stray dog accompanied by a small, wandering, type guy with a white beard and a white hat. The journeyman suggests that if you give his pup a moniker you may get lucky in your hunt for a nice home on the hillside (a local superstition). But as it happens, you've already passed the structure he refers to, and you weren't alone at the time either—for days, a devotee of Bacchus, covered in flies, had been following you. Luckily, while gazing upon the house one of its gutters broke, soaking the bacchanalian below. He had to spend some time trying to get dry, allowing you to hurry off. But the event revealed just how rickety and overpriced the house was. And if you're not interested in buying, why would you try to increase your luck in acquiring it by christening the dog? See what I'm saying? Get it? Here's what ya say to the old fool:
  • Name mongrel? Everest estate wet a tsetse reveler, gnome man.


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